It is with great excitement that I announce that under instruction of Shihan Yoji Fujimoto and in support of AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA®, Maestro Roberto Travaglini, 6° Dan and most senior student of Fujimoto Shihan will visit South Africa in 2012 to conduct an aikido seminar later in the year. Eligible ASA students will also take their Yudansha tests under Travaglini Sensei at this event in South Africa. I have known Roberto Travaglini Sensei for many years as friend and teacher and look forward to share with you his explosive (the only word I can think of to describe) aikido in South Africa – in line with the teachings of our Technical Director. This arrangement carry the full support of Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan.

As from 2013 and onwards, ASA will host at least 2 seminars by visiting instructors per year. I wish to welcome another old friend and arguably closest Uchi-deshi of Fujimoto Shihan, Emilio Cardia Sensei (5° Dan) who visited South Africa in 2009 at the ASA Launch seminar with Fujimoto Shihan in Paarl.

As from 2013, Cardia Sensei will visit South Africa during the first half of every year and Travaglini Sensei during the second half of every year, offering aikido students in South Africa a glimpse into the magnificent aikido of Fujimoto Shihan. We are honoured to have two of Fujimoto Shihan’s closest and most senior students to support AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® as visiting instructors. The future of aikido in South Africa is now even brighter :)!!

More information about these two magnificent teachers will be released in due time. In the old words of Fujimoto Shihan to me – “make sure an aikido relationship start based on friendship, you don’t have to look back and you will ensure growth and sustainability” – I believe this is what we are accomplishing right here in South Africa!

We will always remain under the close scrutiny of Fujimoto Shihan and he will visit SA as his schedule allows.

Watch our website for more detail or follow us on Face Book.

Links to videos of Roberto Travaglini Sensei:

Yours in Aikido

Sensei Elroy Goliath


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