Established in 2009 by Dr Elroy Goliath, AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA®is the only Aikikai Aikido organisation in South Africa established under the technical guidance of one of the most renowned Japanese Shihan in the aikido world – Shihan Yoji Fujimoto (1948 – 2012). Click here to view a tribute to the Master.

The strict technical requirements of Fujimoto Shihan was transferred over many years of studying under his guidance to his resident student, Sensei  Elroy Goliath (4th Dan) and ensures the highest quality of Aikido teachings to its students in South Africa. Elroy Goliath Sensei (Chairman and Chief instructor of AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA®) successfully tested for his SANDAN (3rd Dan) and YONDAN (4th Dan)examinations with Fujimoto Shihan during the respective 10-day Yudansha training seminars in Europe. The latter examination took place in July 2011.

4th Dan awarded

He is the first South African ever to obtain these Dan grades directly from a Hombu Dojo Japanese Shihan under international examination conditions.

Sensei Elroy Goliath_2

AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® emphasizes strong and dynamic aikido movement with a clear and systematic teaching methodology easy to understand by students of all levels.  It dedicates itself to raising and maintaining the quality and standard of Aikido teaching in South Africa at its highest level, and on par with the best in the world.

The aikido taught in AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® affiliated dojo’s are different in intensity and technical depth of understanding compared to other unassociated dojo’s in South Africa (visit an AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® dojo near to you or view the videos on this website – you can decide for yourself). AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® offers its students a variety of services, taking substantial interest in their development.

Classes are designed around children, youths and adults with Seminars being held on a frequent basis to support members technically,

including formalised instructors courses. Children in AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® become advanced senior aikido students – the future of aikido in South Africa!


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